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A main meal contains ~500 calories and costs 11.95$. The minimal amount of meals per delivery is 2. The delivery fee is 3.95$.
You pay directly on the website and we accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Your safety is our liability, we use a safe payment gateway and do not store any card details on our side.
Yes, CleanBite requires a microwave for most meals.
The Family Sized meals contain 4 servings and are currently available for the Thursday deliveries.
We currently deliver the food on Mondays and Thursdays. You may choose a window of at least 2 hours anytime between:
  • 6 AM - 3 PM
  • 6 PM - 10 PM
We take every step to ensure that the food is kept as fresh as possible without freezing it and without using chemical preservatives. We carefully select fresh, high quality ingredients and cook the meals directly upon purchase, the evening before delivering it to you. Your meals are stored and packaged professionally.
Yes! the lid and the container are both recyclable. You may have seen black containers in some of our photos but we actually use white containers, which are recyclable in Toronto/GTA.
No. You may place an order without a subscription, which is a great way to try the CleanBite experience.
The deadline to order for both delivery days is 10:00 AM the day prior - order by 10:00 AM on Sunday for the Monday delivery, and by 10:00 AM on Wednesday for the Thursday delivery.
No, the food is free of MSG. We believe in keeping the food as natural as possible, yet delicious, without additives. Organic where it matters, and no MSG.